Friday, May 23, 2014

Shop Updates

It's been embarrassingly long since we updated the blog!  We've stayed active enough on Facebook and Instagram, and the website has stayed current with new products, but I have to apologize to our loyal Blog visitors- we've been slipping!

Anyway, here are some shots of the vehicles we've had rolling through over the past few months:

One of our good customers, Riley, helped us develop an air suspension system for the W108 Mercedes platform.  This is his car with the "Level 4" version of that kit! 

 This trio of classic hot rods belongs to another of our good customers, Jim.  He's actually had a few other rides through our doors in the past, but these are the latest to show up.  The Anglia has a blown Hemi with plenty of nitrous oxide on top, just for that extra touch of insanity.  The four door Ford was my favorite- very clean, mild enough to drive daily.  And the Willys has that classic gasser look- straight axle front end, warmed-over small block, four speed trans... fun car all around!  We didn't build these cars- Jim has been building customs since before I was born, and he was just having us clean up a few things as he prepared them for sale.

Another good friend of the shop, Dan, brought his '53 Ford through the shop to show off.  He's been building this car in his garage for the past several years, and it's finally on the road!  S10 front suspension conversion, built small block under the hood, and of course a full air ride suspension setup.

Jeff's '55 Chevy truck got finished up and left a while ago.  The grocery list of mods and upgrades for this truck just kept growing, and now it's got all of the creature comforts of a new vehicle with the proper looks of a mid-50s Chevrolet!

We've got plenty of other projects underway; the '61 Cadillac I posted a few months ago has turned into a MAJOR custom build, we've got '62 and '64 Impalas in here getting a bunch of upgrades, and some of our older builds are coming close to being finished.  Thanks for your patience- hope these pictures were worth the wait!

As always, visit us at to help get YOUR project moving!

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