Friday, April 27, 2012

Ford Ranger Short Course Build

We recently started work on our friend Chris's Ranger.  He picked it up with some modifications already done, but soon found the limitations of the factory rear suspension.  After watching a bunch of trophy truck and short course action on YouTube, he was hooked!

Here's how it looked when it rolled in:
The front suspension has already been built up with longer reinforced beams and a set of coilovers- it'll need more attention soon enough, but for now we're going to focus on the rear end.

We pulled the bed, knocked off some of the mud, and got to work:

Right about the time we had just cut the back half of the truck off is when Chris showed up to check on progress- I don't think the reality of what we have planned sunk in until he saw half of his truck sitting in the scrap pile!

With a fresh delivery of over 200 feet of 1.75" DOM tubing, Brent set to work on the cage inside the cab:

Everything aside from the door bars has been cut and tacked, so we just need to get everything fully welded and work will begin on the back half.

Wheels and tires showed up recently, too:
35" Generals on 17" beadlocks will show this truck means business. Waiting for coilovers and the axle housing and we can start mocking up the link setup.

More on this build soon!