Monday, November 19, 2012

BC Fabrication's 2012 Holiday Special!

It's that time of year again, and it's hard to believe 2012 is coming to a close!

This past year, we've had the opportunity to meet a bunch of new customers, and we've gotten to cut, grind, weld, and paint on some awesome custom rides!  We always love seeing the cool projects our customers are working on, and a bunch of you have emailed us your progress pics as you've cut into your own cars and trucks. We're thankful to each and every one of you that have helped spread the word about BC Fab, and this is the time of year when we try to show you guys some love!

As business has grown for us, we've been able to negotiate better prices with our vendors, as well as refine some of our manufacturing processes.  We want to pass some of that on to you, our valued customers, so from now until the end of the year we're taking 10% off our entire store! From airbag kits to headlights, take 10% right off the top!

In addition to the 10% sale, we've got some special deals on some of our most popular air suspension components:

58-64 Chevy Impala Airbag Brackets - $70.00 Front or Rear

63-87 Chevy C10 Airbag Brackets - $60.00 Front or Rear

These parts still get 10% off, too!  Visit us at to see these and all of the other parts we have for your ride!

Keep checking back here, because we've got some other items to add over the coming days and weeks!

Thank you again for being a part of our extended family, and we hope you have a happy holiday season!


The Crew at BC Fabrication

Friday, September 14, 2012

Shop Updates for September

No one project has dominated the shop this past month.  Lots of incremental progress on a bunch of long-term projects, though, so I'll just run through 'em real quick!

The '67 Cadillac has been done with paint for a while now, but we've been waiting for parts to come back from chrome and polish- there's a LOT of trim on these cars!  Our customer brought his new wheels out, so we threw them on real quick to make sure they would clear the fender skirts.

We took a '68 Chevy C10 in a week ago to install an air ride kit on the rear.  He's already got a complete Porterbuilt Dropmember on order for the front end, so we just needed to make a rear setup to match.  So far, we've notched the frame and set the bag mounts, and the new tubular trailing arms are coming together as well.  We'll be making a Watts Link to replace the factory Panhard bar, so this rear end will be locked in!

The '67 Galaxie we painted several months ago is starting to go back together.  Between hunting down NOS parts like the trim and light bezels, and sending other parts out for polishing and chroming, it's been quite a task getting everything looking like new.  We're hoping to have this one fully assembled within the next couple of months- still waiting on some more parts!

New dash cap inside- the rest of the interior will be getting freshened up, too!

You know we like the odd stuff here at BC Fabrication, and our friend Shawn didn't disappoint!  He brought in his custom Toyota Previa for some repairs and upgrades to the air suspension, and it was a big hit down here.  People couldn't believe how good a minivan could turn out!

Finally, we picked up another project for ourselves!  I don't know when we'll actually have a chance to work on it, but we'll hang onto it until its time comes!  1963 Chevy Suburban- very solid overall, and just begging for some mods!  I'll keep you posted...

We've gotten some more work done on the '40 Pontiac, too- rear brakes are mounted, trunk actuators are built and ready to install, etc.  But I didn't take pictures, so you'll have to wait until my next post!  In the meantime, why don't you visit and get some parts for YOUR project?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Updates on the ProWraps Short Course Ranger

We're waiting for some more parts to arrive (coilovers, bump stops, etc), but fabrication is nearing completion on the back of the ProWraps Ranger.  The upper wishbone link is fully welded up, and so we decided to get the mounts built.

Here's the axle-side mount.  Built from .250" steel, it shrouds the 1.25" heim joint completely.

The wishbone mounts to the inside of the frame rails, where we boxed the frame in with 1/4" steel.

The wishbone itself was laser cut from 10 gauge steel. Each hole is sleeved with DOM tubing, and everything is TIG welded together.  Should be one of the strongest parts of the truck!

The lower links are welded up, and we're just setting up the mounts on the frame and axle.  When the coilovers show up we can build the upper mounts and finish the cage, and this truck will almost be ready to set on its wheels!

More to come soon- I just didn't want to go too long without an update on this truck!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Special - 10% Off the ENTIRE STORE!

Happy 4th of July, fellow Americans!  I hope you were lucky enough to have the day off- I'm here at the shop, but every day working on hot rods and customs is like a day off anyway!  

No project updates today. I just wanted to pass a special offer your way.  From today through this weekend, we've got our whole store on sale.  10% off EVERYTHING- air suspension kits and parts, roll pans and other sheetmetal, lift kits, HID lights... everything.

You'll see the 10% discount show up when you add parts to your cart- this discount is in addition to any sale prices on the site, too!

The sale ends Sunday night, so grab your parts today! Visit us at , and get that custom project built!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1964 Chevrolet Impala Air Suspension Installation

Our customer, Jesse, brought his '64 Impala to us last Tuesday, with hopes to have it 'bagged in time for a show on Sunday.  We were able to re-schedule a couple of other customers to make it happen, so we got right to work!

 Here it is, fresh off the flatbed.

Getting ready to rack it.

 Taking measurements for the trunk panels.  Customer asked for three 5 gallon air tanks, 4 Viair 480 air compressors, and new boxes for his 12" subwoofers...

Trunk panels laid out- on to the suspension work.
The front spring pockets were cut out for clearance for 7" Slam Specialties airbags.  There is also a plate on the upper spring pocket that contacts the factory bump stop- we cut this off to gain an additional 1" of drop.
The front shock relocation brackets were mocked into position.  These brackets require a small portion of the wheel wells be cut out for clearance.
Lower stud bolted onto control arm, and shocks mounted. 

 Rear airbags and brackets bolt right in- no cutting or welding required.

 Air lines routed away from moving suspension parts and wheels.
While it was in the shop, we changed the radiator, swapped the alternator to a 140 amp model, and added an Optima battery.

With the suspension and underhood dialed in, we got back to work on the trunk.
 Center panel opens for access to spare tire well.


 We added a pair of dual needle pressure gauges and a billet "Knuckle Up" 7 switch box for control over the system.

Jess will have to get the exhaust re-worked to make it lay all the way down, but it's already got a great stance.


It took a couple of late nights, but Jesse made it out to the show in style!  Got a project you're trying to get show-ready?  Visit us at and we'll help get you rolling!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'66 Continental Air Suspension Kit

The car rolled out of here a couple weeks ago, but I forgot to put pics up one the blog!  Here it is:

The front will actually sit as low as the rear when the engine and everything is bolted back on- there just isn't enough weight yet to flatten the airbags!
This giant trunk makes the 5 gallon air tank look small.

Here's a shot of the rear link setup.  

The owner of the car, Dennis, has his work cut out for him putting this Conti back together, but when he does I'll be sure to post some pictures of the finished product!
This link system and front mounting brackets will be available in our store very soon- visit to check them out, along with thousands of other products for your custom rides!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Progress on the '66 Continental

The 1966 Lincoln Continental is coming along nicely.  With most of the design work done on the rear, Brent got started on the front suspension. A lot of other kits on the market use a new lower control arm, but it looks like we can re-use the factory arm, retain the sway bar, and still get the front crossmember just about on the ground.
 With the spring removed, we welded a plate inside the pocket on the lower control arm. This plate sits just below the outer level of the arm, and is wide enough to provide a flat surface for the airbag to roll onto when the car is dropped.
 The upper mount sits inside the factory spring pocket. By re-using the spring insulator on the top of the bracket, it sits tightly into place. No cutting of the spring pocket was required for airbag clearance.
 Out back, a crossmember bolts against the sub frame rails through holes that are sleeved for reinforcement.  This crossmember contains the upper airbag mounts, as well as the brackets for the upper 4 link bars. The only modification required to the vehicle (aside from drilling 3 holes per side) is to slightly notch the bracket at the end of the driveshaft tunnel for clearance for the crossmember.
 The lower link bars mount to a new bracket that bolts into the factory location for the leaf spring hanger. This area is reinforced from the factory, so we want to keep the stresses on this same point.
 With the emergency brake cable routed underneath the lower link bar, the bar is bolted in place. These bars are built from 2" DOM tubing with a .250" thick wall, so they will hold up to the Continental's weight.
Keep checking back- I'll add more as we get the car together! In the meantime, visit and grab everything you need to work on YOUR ride!

Friday, May 11, 2012

'66 Lincoln Continental - Laying Out A Kit to Lay It Out!

We just rolled this Continental into the shop.  Our customer was kind enough to strip it down for us, so this should be one of the easiest cars to run air line and wire through ever!

 I'm glad I'm not the one putting that dash back in, though- there's a mess of wiring, vacuum lines, and ducts to reconnect!
 Plenty of room in the trunk for an air tank, compressors, and a couple of people you need to keep quiet!
 Plans are to get it low.  Really low.  And to get rid of those Cadillac hubcaps on the front...
 More pictures to come as we start cutting it up!  We hope to design a front and rear kit that is engineered to drop right into factory pick-up points, and requires minimal welding.  Stay tuned!