Friday, January 27, 2012

'55 Pontiac Power Disc Brake Conversion

A month or so ago, I posted up some details on a customer's '55 Pontiac that came in for air suspension. He was happy with the installation, so he decided to take the next step and make the car a bit more drivable!

For starters, the unassisted drums up front had to get kicked to the curb! In their place is a nice set of vented disc brakes that fit onto the stock spindles and allow us to keep the factory wheels.

The factory brake master cylinder was located under the floor- the new power setup will be relocated to the firewall to allow room for the dual reservoir master and vacuum booster. To make the move, we had to replace the factory brake pedal assembly:

It's a tight fit under the hood, but it'll all come together nicely.

This should be all buttoned up early next week- I'll post up some pictures of the final result!

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'67 Caddy Back For Paint

Our customer brought his convertible Caddy back to us for some fresh red paint! We got started tearing it down- these things have a TON of chrome and stainless to pull!

I'll post more next week as we get started on the body work- stay tuned!

Location:Monier Cir,Rancho Cordova,United States

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

67 Galaxie - Fresh Paint

It's been a while since I updated the blog- sorry about that! We had one of the busiest Decembers we've ever had, which is definitely a good thing, but it took me away from the office and put me out in the cold shop... I'm happy to be back in here where it's warm for a quick blog post!

A few months ago, I posted up some pictures of the 1967 Ford Galaxie that came in for a new roof. Our customer decided to go ahead with the rest of the bodywork, so we got rolling.

When I first saw this car, the paint was WAY faded, but it looked like the body was pretty straight... well, Travis showed me how wrong I was when he started smoothing everything out!

So, after a few days of sanding, primering, wetsanding, blocking, and a whole bunch of other processes for which I lack the patience, we got some color on the car:


...painting the jambs...

...and finally painted! It's amazing that this is the same color- it was so faded from 45 years in the sun!

We've gotten it all buffed and ready for a final polish, but I'll wait for a sunny day to post up the finished product. The owner of the Galaxie is going to have the bumpers rechromed, and we're hunting down some new trim pieces for him- it's going to look like new!

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