Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Custom 1999 Lincoln Navigator For Sale

This 1999 Lincoln Navigator features
custom modifications to the exterior, interior, suspension, engine, and audio
system. Originally built in the early 2000's, it was featured in Truckin' Magazine's
September 2005 issue. Although this is an older build, it has held up very well,
is mechanically sound, and would be great for using as a daily driver, shop
demo, or a weekend show-n-shine cruiser!

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The exterior of this Navigator features
custom flames and pinstriping over the original silver base. Billet inserts
have been installed in the upper grille and bumper opening, the wiper cowl has
been smoothed and painted, and the wipers have been replaced with billet caps.
The whole thing rolls on chrome 22" wheels with low profile tires in excellent
condition. This custom SUV has also had its roof rack and rear wiper shaved,
and sports a billet aluminum antenna in place of the stock unit. The side and
rear windows are tinted, too. There are some minor scuffs on the running boards
and other wear areas, but certainly nothing that stands out or draws attention
away from the clean custom look.

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Under the hood, the stock 5.4 liter
Triton V8 has been upgraded with an Air Force One stainless intake system...
and that's it! At just over 132,000 miles, this truck starts right up, idles
perfectly, has no check engine lights, and should provide you with years of
trouble-free service.

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This Lincoln was originally equipped
with air-leveling rear suspension. Well, that was ditched a long time ago, in
favor of a fully adjustable custom air ride system. Featuring two 5 gallon air
tanks with Viair compressors, this 1/2" system is adjustable at all four
corners independently with the handheld controller. There is a Dakota Digital
pressure gauge installed in the center console to monitor pressure at each corner
and the air tanks. The entire system is plumbed with DOT air line and fittings
for ultimate reliability.

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I saved the best for last- the interior!
The leather and the carpet are original and in good condition- no tears, burns,
or other major damage. That's about the only thing left untouched, however-
this ride features smoothed and painted panels throughout (door panels, dash
accents, center console, overhead console, and more), billet pedals and other
accents, and EIGHT video screens and a custom sound system installation that
will entertain you and your six closest friends while you're out cruising!

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The Clarion DVD head unit sends video
signal to four 7" headrest monitors, two 7" monitors in custom pods
in the C-pillars, and another 7" screen in a custom fiberglass enclosure
on the top of the dash! There's also a Playstation 2 in another custom fiberglass
housing in the dash. The video signal is boosted by a Soundstream video amplifier,
while audio signal from the deck is boosted by a pair of chrome Audiobahn amps
mounted in the rear hatch. All four doors have upgraded speakers, and there
is a custom subwoofer enclosure behind the third row of seats with two 10"
Audiobahn subwoofers mounted behind a 1.25" plexiglas panel. While this
isn't a "blow your eardrums out of your eye sockets" system, it sounds
great and plays plenty loud. The head unit is showing its age, as some of the
buttons don't function (remote still works fine) and it no longer retracts into
the dash- you may want to consider an update before too much longer. Also, you'll
notice in some pictures the headrest monitors have some material pulling away
from the bezels. We have re-glued them, and so should be in great shape for
you. Finally, the driver side C-pillar pod will need some attention- the vinyl
has pulled away from the inner structure and is sagging and lumpy in places.
Most people don't notice it immediately, but we want to make sure you know as
much as possible about the entire vehicle before buying!

Overall, this Navigator is in excellent
condition considering the age of the custom work performed, and should hold
up for many more years of enjoyment.

We are located in Rancho Cordova,
California. If you would like to come look at the vehicle in person, please
contact us through here or give us a call. We have the Navigator for sale locally,
and so reserve the right to end the auction early if it sells elsewhere. If
sold within California, it will include a smog certificate per state law. We
are happy to help with shipping out of state, or out of the country, so don't
let distance keep you away from owning this custom ride for a fraction of what
it cost to build!

Friday, December 2, 2011

55 Pontiac - Done For Now

This 4 door Pontiac showed up in our shop a couple weeks ago for a major height adjustment. While it was on the rack, though, the customer started thinking about some other upgrades- disc brakes, power steering... He's not really sure what else he's having us add while it's here, but we went ahead and got it 'bagged and 4-linked while we await his decision.

I'll get some shots of the front suspension and rear link and post them up next week for you guys- until then please visit us at for the best parts for YOUR custom ride!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10% Off Our Entire Store Through Christmas!

Alright, I've kept this blog ad-free up until now- I just like sharing pictures of the projects that come through our shop!  

But today we're launching our Holiday Special, and I just HAD to share it with you guys!

From now until Christmas, EVERYTHING in our store is 10% off!  4 links, air bags, lift kits... if it's on the store, it's yours for 10% off!

Just use the coupon code "blog10" (without the quotation marks, of course!) when you check out, and you'll get the best price on the Internet on some killer parts!  And with our new Rewards program, you're getting an additional 3% off everything you buy- that adds up quick!

Just swing on over to and get your ride finished this winter!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Progress on the '40 Pontiac

This car has been in our shop for a few years now, and it's one of those projects that started out as something basic and sort of snowballed into an all-out build.  We've had to put it to the side a few times to work on other projects, but when we get a few extra moments we try to show it some love.  Here's a quick post to bring you up-to-date.

I haven't been able to find any pictures of the car when it first came in, but here's one after the front clip was pulled for some front suspension work:

This car has gone through a few generations of hot-rodding- sometimes by the hands of someone with talent, sometimes not so much.  In addition to some questionable fab work, mother nature had her way with some parts of the body and especially the floor, and she's a TERRIBLE fabricator!  Our customer made the decision to do things right, so we pulled the body off the frame and got to work.

After having the body completely stripped and blasted, the front and rear fenders were shaved into the body, the rear pan was smoothed, and everything shiny except for the door handles was removed.

New floor pans, a smoothed firewall, custom running boards... everything received a touch of custom work. 

The front end of these Pontiacs was never something you'd call "sporty" or "cool", or even "attractive", so the factory sheetmetal has been completely customized with a new hood profile, grille opening, and 01-06 Mini headlights.

They say beauty is only skin deep, but they're wrong.  Dead wrong.  Unless we're talking about supermodels.  Then they are pretty much right.  As for this Pontiac, though, we needed it to look good underneath, too.  So the factory frame was boxed, reinforced with new crossemembers, and updated with a Mustang II front clip.  Disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, a 4 link rear suspension, and airbags on all four corners ensure this car will be as safe and comfortable as it is good looking.  And the built 383 stroker motor under the hood means it will be fun to drive, too!

So, this week we're checking a few items off the checklist- hooking up the steering, getting the new wire harness pulled and routed, and getting that engine back under the hood.

Before the engine blocks this view, here's a quick shot of the shaved firewall:

So, I'll post more as things progress- keep checking back in!

And as always, visit us on our Facebook page (, and check for the parts you need to finish YOUR project!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More of the '67 Cadillac

I just HAD to drop the top for these pictures!  Autumn just hit, but we're still seeing 90+ degree days here in Sacramento, so a convertible Cadillac is just begging to go for a cruise!

Visit us at, and be sure to check here and our Facebook page for the latest updates in the shop!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'67 Caddy Convertible

Steady progress on some shop projects lately- I'll post some updates later this week.  Today's post is of a customer vehicle- another '67 Cadillac! This one is a convertible, and he wanted to get it as low as possible without major structural mods...

Step one was the front suspension.  With the spring pockets cut, bump stops removed, and 'bag brackets fabbed up, we've got the front end laying as low as it'll go without binding balljoints!

Out back, we removed the coil springs, cut the lower spring perch "nub" flush with the mount, and installed the airbag with custom brackets:

We also removed the axle bump stops, as well as the pinion snubber over the driveshaft.  When the car is laid out fully it just barely scrapes the floor, so if the customer desires we can tunnel that section for a little more clearance.

The tank was mounted in the trunk with some brackets that mount behind the rear panel, and the dual Viair compressors are up front in the second battery tray- yes, these cars are so mammoth they came with a dual battery option!

And here's how it sits!  The exhaust is on the ground, even with giant tires on this beast! The customer plans to swap the stock steelies for some 22s, and if he sticks with some 30-series rubber it should get even lower!

I'll post some more shots of the car on level ground tomorrow so you can see just how low it sits.  We now offer a bracket set that is based on this car, so if you don't mind a little bit of cutting of the front and rear spring mounts you can just about bolt this system on your ride!  Visit to order!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The F250 Bumper!

I told you I'd post some completed shots when our customer dropped by again!  Even though it was lunch time once again, I stuck around to make sure I could deliver on my promise:

This bumper is designed to clear factory suspension mounting points while also providing more wheel clearance than the factory bumper, allowing for unlimited lift kit and wheel/tire options.

We'll be offering several options for winch mounts, auxiliary lighting, powdercoat color/finish, and much more- contact us at or (916) 944-3916 for a quote and with any questions!

Shop Vehicle Updates

By the time you read this, the shop's Dodge Charger should be fully painted!  They were getting ready to mask everything off and lay down the base when I took these shots and got out of their way!

Aaaaaand here's a teaser of the new color:

Meanwhile, our '69 Chevelle is patiently waiting for some free time- yes, it still needs some love in the bodywork department, but it's come a long way from whatever lake they dragged it out of!

Here's the latest on the '55 Chevy 210 build:

The body is back on the frame for panel fitment and final bodywork...

...and the frame and suspension are completely assembled and waiting for a set of custom wheels- I think our customer has finalized his decision, so now we just need to get them built!

More updates on all of these vehicles as we get more done!  And as always, if you need help making progress on YOUR custom ride, visit us at, call us at (916) 944-3916, or send some email our way to!