Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More of the '67 Cadillac

I just HAD to drop the top for these pictures!  Autumn just hit, but we're still seeing 90+ degree days here in Sacramento, so a convertible Cadillac is just begging to go for a cruise!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

'67 Caddy Convertible

Steady progress on some shop projects lately- I'll post some updates later this week.  Today's post is of a customer vehicle- another '67 Cadillac! This one is a convertible, and he wanted to get it as low as possible without major structural mods...

Step one was the front suspension.  With the spring pockets cut, bump stops removed, and 'bag brackets fabbed up, we've got the front end laying as low as it'll go without binding balljoints!

Out back, we removed the coil springs, cut the lower spring perch "nub" flush with the mount, and installed the airbag with custom brackets:

We also removed the axle bump stops, as well as the pinion snubber over the driveshaft.  When the car is laid out fully it just barely scrapes the floor, so if the customer desires we can tunnel that section for a little more clearance.

The tank was mounted in the trunk with some brackets that mount behind the rear panel, and the dual Viair compressors are up front in the second battery tray- yes, these cars are so mammoth they came with a dual battery option!

And here's how it sits!  The exhaust is on the ground, even with giant tires on this beast! The customer plans to swap the stock steelies for some 22s, and if he sticks with some 30-series rubber it should get even lower!

I'll post some more shots of the car on level ground tomorrow so you can see just how low it sits.  We now offer a bracket set that is based on this car, so if you don't mind a little bit of cutting of the front and rear spring mounts you can just about bolt this system on your ride!  Visit to order!