Friday, May 11, 2012

'66 Lincoln Continental - Laying Out A Kit to Lay It Out!

We just rolled this Continental into the shop.  Our customer was kind enough to strip it down for us, so this should be one of the easiest cars to run air line and wire through ever!

 I'm glad I'm not the one putting that dash back in, though- there's a mess of wiring, vacuum lines, and ducts to reconnect!
 Plenty of room in the trunk for an air tank, compressors, and a couple of people you need to keep quiet!
 Plans are to get it low.  Really low.  And to get rid of those Cadillac hubcaps on the front...
 More pictures to come as we start cutting it up!  We hope to design a front and rear kit that is engineered to drop right into factory pick-up points, and requires minimal welding.  Stay tuned!

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