Thursday, June 30, 2011

1935 Buick in the shop

There are a bunch of other shop projects and customer vehicles I'll be adding to the blog soon, but since this one is on the lift now I figured I'd grab a few pictures of it to share with you!

This 1935 Buick has a custom-built frame (painted, powdercoated, and chromed!) with a full air ride suspension, 4 link rear, Mustang II front clip, and lots of nice detail work.  Also, there's a healthy big block sitting under the hood!  The current owner bought it from somebody back east, where apparently going low isn't as much of a priority as it is here on the left coast... with the car dropped, it just wasn't low enough- but he's taken it to the right place!

 Brent started by removing the lower mounts from the rear axle.  By fabricating new mounts out of DOM steel tubing and 3/4" bar stock, he was able to drop the lower mounts and lower the car an additional 1.5"!  Up front, some simple reworking of the lower control arms has the RideTech ShockWaves mounted for a matching 1.5" drop.  The front clip was welded a bit lower than we usually like to see, so we didn't want to go much lower to avoid putting the front suspension in a bind.  It would be a big job moving that clip up, and it would require repainting or powdercoating the entire frame, so we'll probably call it good here!

We checked on a couple of other minor issues as well- a small air leak, a loose wire in the dash... but overall this is a very nice car that we hope to see out at the local hot rod shows!

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